a QR-code to know everything about your car

“Lighthouses represent the first cause of red card and the first reason for protest,” recalls the spokesperson for AutoSecurity. The new QR-code does not give access to the results of this only connected device. It allows you to discover all the details of the visit. “It is not always easy for motorists to understand the checkpoints carried out and the possible repairs to be carried out at the end of their passage in the station. The codes used on the certificate are not always understandable by the general public. We have made an effect of readability ”, specifies our interlocutor.

ABS system, steering wheel, glazing, axles, suspension, and of course the headlights and brake lights … all the controlled elements can be reviewed via the application, with the possibility of having more information for each position by activating a tab. “We tested and designed the device with a panel of our customers,” says Virginia Li Puma. The document gives details of any repairs to be carried out, as well as the validity of the certificate and the date of the next visit.

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Also for the occasion

The system also works with used vehicle controls. By activating the QR-code, the buyer can ensure that the document provided by the seller has not been tampered with. The objective is therefore also to strengthen the security of the official documents issued.

“The tool will be constantly evolving. New features will appear in the coming months. The measuring devices will be connected as they go and their results will be displayed in the customer area, ”concludes Virginia Li Puma. Further explanations and links to FAQs will be added later.


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