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For the knockout stages of the Coupe de la Ligue, Bordeaux managed to win in Dijon in the lowest score (1-0) thanks to Toma Basic, which reached a very large share. The Bordelais will receive Le Havre on 8 or 9 January at the Matmut Atlantic stadium.

Gaëtan Poussin: For his first job with professionals, Gaëtan Poussin does not really have dangerous balls to negotiate because the Dijonnais seem to be absent from the debates during the first semester. On a dangerous shot, the young goalkeeper does not ask questions and decides to move the ball to the right side. In extra time, he gets to keep the score thanks to a wonderful parade while Jules Koundé had made his duel.

Sergi Palencia: If there is a player who tries to give more energy in the first 45 minutes, it is obviously Sergi Palencia who still takes a warning very quickly. It will be replaced in the last moments of the game by Maxime Poundjé to avoid a second card synonymous with red.

Jules Koundé: In the first 45 minutes, Jules Koundé did not have much to do as Dijon was not very dangerous. After the break, the central defender coached the club, making the second part of the game a bit boring, with 15 balls lost for only 11 recovered in 47 balls hit.

Pablo: The Brazilian central defender was solid overall with 4 aircraft duels on 7. He also recovered 4 interceptions during the match. In short, a good part of the rock share of Auriverde.

Youssouf Sabaly: Youssouf Sabaly has played a part of his own a little in the image of his match against Copenhagen. However, it is he who realizes the center in the surface of Dijon for the purpose of Toma Basic. It will be replaced on the right side when Maxime Poundjé returns.

Jaroslav Plasil : The Czech midfielder was clearly absent from the debates during the first half. While Toma Basic was on the move, Plasil's business was not clearly visible. After the break, he will be the decisive by-pass on the Croatian midfielder's goal.

Otavio: If Basic was exceptional tonight, during this meeting Otavio did some research. Less comfortable than usual, the Brazilian midfielder achieved only 69% of the successful passes in the last thirty meters. Yet it is the Bordeaux player who has experienced the least technical waste in his passages with 50 successful in the space of 57 attempts.

Toma Basic: Holder for the first time since his arrival at the Girondins of Bordeaux, the Croatian tries to simplify the game of the Navy and the White by quickly transmitting the balloons. In the second act, you will find the sign at the 67th minute. Following a center of Sabaly that frees Dijon's defense on the board, Jaroslav Plasil moves to the right side of the head and Toma Basic makes a great left in the rhythm of Runnarsson. Beyond its goal, the Croatian community is the one that has had a very important activity in the eleven Bordeaux. 75% of its passes in the last thirty meters have been successful. If your agent firmly believes as the qualities of Toma Basic, we understand better why after this meeting.

Samuel Kalu: If the Nigerian international tries to be more often available by changing position with François Kamano, the former player of Gantoise has some problems in positioning himself even if he realizes one or two sequences at an interesting technical level. He is replaced by Jimmy Briand at the time of play, the former player of En Avant Guingamp has not been transcendent despite the thirty minutes played.

Yann Karamoh: Placed in the false number 9, Yann Karamoh knows the difficulties to return to the goal. The player lent by Inter tries to alternate with his two accomplices of the attack but without a real efficiency. With the entry of Jimmy Briand in the 60th minute of play, Karamoh returns to his right. Unfortunately, he is not at ease during this game.

François Kamano: Tonight, the left wing of Guinea was rather spooky in Dijon. He will have handled very few actions and lost 17 balls. There is really a lot to say about his performance except that Francois Kamano is slow to regain the level that was at the start of his season. He was replaced by Andreas Cornelius.

Details of the match:

Team compositions:

Dijon FCO (4-2-3-1): Runarsson – Rosier, Yambere, Aguerd, Haddadi – Amafiltano, Lautoa, Abeid – Sliti, Tavares, said

Girondins of Bordeaux (4-3-3) : Chick – Palencia, Koundé, Pablo, Sabaly – Plasil (C), Otavio, Basic – Kalu, Karamoh, Kamano

targets : Basic Toma (66th)

Yellow cards: F.Balmont, O.Haddadi (Dijon FCO), Samuel Kalu, Sergi Palencia (Girondins of Bordeaux)

Red card: nothingness

changes: (Dijon FCO), Jimmy Briand replaces Samuel Kalu, Andreas Cornelius replaces François Kamano, Maxime Poundjé replaces Sergi Palencia (Girondins de Bordeaux)

Statistics of the meeting:

Possession: 51% ball possession for Dijon FCO against 49% for the Girondins of Bordeaux.

Number of shots: 11 shots for the FCO of Dijon against 8 shots for the Girondins of Bordeaux

corners: 2 corners for the Dijon FCO for 3 for the Girondins de Bordeaux.

Accuracy of steps: 77% of the successful passes (330/427) for the Dijon FCO against 76% (314/411) successfully pass for the Bordeaux Girondins.

Florian Sabathier



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