A quarantine of horses will initiate the transhumance from Garraf to the Pre-Pyrenees

Barcelona, ​​May 14 (EFE) .- A herd of 40 horses guarded by the Miranda Foundation will start the transhumance route next Friday that will take them from the Garraf Park to the summer pastures of Alt Berguedà (Pre-Pyrenees) through a path that it passes through the Penedès, Bages, Osona and Berguedà regions.

Transhumance is the path that the herds take to reach a destination where they will find better pastures to feed themselves, but it is also an experience of “coexistence between people and animals, who together follow the historic cattle trails used from the 12th century on”, has explained the Diputación de Barcelona in a statement.

The route, which will follow the Marina path, will be divided into three sections and eight stages: from May 17 to 19, they will go from Garraf Park to Montserrat; On the 25th and 26th, from Montserrat to Avinyó, and from June 31 to 2, they will arrive at the Sierra del Catllaràs (Alt Berguedà), the summer headquarters of the Miranda Foundation.

The volunteers who will accompany the animals have attended two training days at the Transhumance School to acquire the knowledge to confidently face the challenge of traveling with the horses the path that goes from the sea to the Pre-Pyrenees. EFE

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