Health A quick visit to Greece? A week of quarantine,...

A quick visit to Greece? A week of quarantine, more is needed

The good news for those next few weeks, all of Greece is on vacation. The passengers of the aircraft, from the Netherlands, don’t get a week in quarantine if the results of the coronatest to be negative. This flexibility was shown during a press conference held by the ministry of tourism.

As of Monday, may, aircraft from the Netherlands to countries, in the first instance, at the airport in Athens, greece. All of the passengers to get an on-site coronatest. And then they have to look for a day in in the zelfquarantaine in a hotel of your choice, the result is known. Those who have the virus does not have to come and go as he pleases.

Up to now, this has been the plan of the tourists on the aircraft, from the Netherlands, anyway, at least for a week, zelfisolatie, but it does for the Greek government, and so on. If you have been infected with the virus, it must be ” fourteen days in quarantine.

The passengers of the aircraft in Italy and Spain, will receive the same treatment. For tourists from countries with which Greece is that of the solar corona-an outbreak under control is to apply a more flexible approach. That is to be subjected to random testing. This is also true of anyone who comes from france and most countries in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, they will also be in the airport, in the city of Thessaloniki will be open. For travellers from the united Kingdom, and Turkey, the grapes are just sour-jets from these countries to Greece will not be welcome.

The islands

As of July 1 and will expire, in principle, all of the inreisrestricties. Then go to the popular islands are open for direct connections from other countries. Also, you should get ferries from Italy, then back to the boat and going to be the noordgrenzen open. Up to this time has been Greece’s only through Bulgaria to reach. However, the government is also in July, random checks on some travellers.

With all of the safety measures, the strengthening of the health system, and hygiëneprotocollen hopes that Greece will be ready to get as many holiday-makers will welcome this summer. More than one-fifth of all the revenues related to the tourist industry. We have us best prepared for it. I am sure that it will eventually be good again,’ said the prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Saturday during a visit to the toeristenmagneet Period. “It’s very, very important in this work, security, and georganiseerdheid, visitors to the show. We have a crucial summer for us. We would like as many people as possible to welcome, without compromising on safety and security to do so.’

At the same time, Greeks are in a lot of places, lax in the keeping of distance. In a lot of areas, especially in entertainment, to keep people a little distance away. For the past two days, joined in the inspection, six of clubs and bars in Athens, and he gave them huge penalties, and because there is a lot to be had. Already had something to eat or drink on the feesteiland of Mykonos town, just after opening, again at check-in.



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