A really sweet couple… Dol Singles 2 Yoon Nam-ki ♥ Da-eun Lee, sweet ‘Love Stargram’ (photo)

Lee Da-eun, who appeared on MBN’s ‘Doll Singles’, enjoyed a date with Yoon Nam-ki and daughter Ri-eun.

Da-eun Lee and Nam-gi Yoon / Hereafter, Da-eun Lee’s personal Instagram

On the 13th, Da-eun Lee posted several photos on her Instagram along with the words “with red bear #namdari”.

In the published photo, three people having a good time in a shopping mall were put in. In particular, Nam-gi Yoon and Eun-yang Lee show off their chemistry like a real woman, creating warmth. In addition, Nam-gi Yoon directly pulled the stroller with Miss Li-eun and already booked ‘Daughter Fool’.

Yoon Nam-gi / Lee Da-eun Instagram comment box capture
Yoon Nam-gi / Lee Da-eun Instagram comment box capture

Yoon Nam-gi, who saw this post, expressed his affection by leaving a comment saying “#namdari”.

Netizens who saw this commented, “Comfortable like a bed”, “It’s like a family from the beginning”, “They fit so well!” showed a warm reaction.

Nam-gi Yoon, who runs a pillow brand, and Da-eun Lee, an English instructor, have both been married and divorced once. After overcoming the pain of divorce, the two appeared on MBN’s ‘Dol Singles Season 2’ and became the final couple.

After the broadcast ended, Lee Da-eun and Yoon Nam-ki, who developed into real lovers, announced their remarriage in the ‘Dol Singles 2’ special (last broadcast) broadcast on the 9th.


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