A recipe for Comet? We manage to defend its power stations, claims the Vítkovice striker Krenželok

“Why are we doing this against Brno? We manage to defend their power playings, “says the author of the differential fourth shot of Vítkovice, Lukáš Krenželok, who also increased it to 3: 1 before the second break. However, the comet managed to erase the shortfall.

“The important thing was that we soon bounced back by two goals. It calmed us down, “says the satisfied Krenželok, who replaces the injured Pole in the role of captain.” I scored two goals with the C in Brno, so maybe the boys will buy me something, “he jokes. “But I’ll probably have to pay in the common treasury,” he smiles.

The people of Ostrava are already attacking the fourth place, which will guarantee a direct advance to the quarterfinals after the end of the basic part of the highest competition. “It simply came to our notice then. After a bad start to the season, we are very happy for where we are at the moment, “says Krenželok.

The comet fell in front of home fans after five previous wins in a row. “Deservedly,” admits coach Jiří Kalous. “We pulled the whole match by the shorter end of the rope. We just kept catching up. Trail, “calculates the cause of the failure.

The people of Brno had to deal with the absence of the center of Krištof’s second offensive formation. “It broke our second power line. Our elite line had to play almost all the time. It cost the boys strength, “says Comet forward Daniel Rákos.

Photo: Patrik Uhlíř, ČTK

Vítkovic are happy with the goal, in the middle of its author Rostislav Marosz.Photo: Patrik Uhlíř, CTK

He regrets that after equalizing for 3: 3 at the beginning of the last twenty minutes, his team did not take advantage of the psychological benefits. “We then collected a bad fourth goal,” he regrets it. “We were able to catch up with Vítkovice in points, unfortunately we didn’t succeed. But the match is still ahead of us. .

The only positive for Kometa in the match against Vítkovice was the 21st goal of the American gunner Peter Mueller in this extra-league year. Thanks to her, he became independent at the head of the table of shooters and Canadian scoring.


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