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A resident of Bryansk accidentally burned 1.5 million rubles. in a teapot

The man kept the money in the kettle to buy an apartment, which his wife hid in an old sofa. Not knowing the new "hideout" for money, a resident of Bryansk burned a sofa, as a result, only 117,500 rubles were saved.

Photo: Roman Pimenov / Interpress / TASS

Representatives of the Central Bank of the Bryansk region reported in which cases it is possible to exchange damaged banknotes, telling the story of how a local resident burned 1.5 million rubles. in the kettle. This is reported by Bryansk News.

A man collected money to buy an apartment and hid it in a metal kettle. Then his wife hid a teapot with the money in an old sofa. A resident of Bryansk decided to burn it, unaware of the kettle inside – as a result, only 117.5 thousand rubles were recovered.

The Bank of Russia has declared that the main factor for the repayment of the funds in these cases is the state of the banknotes: at least 55% of the area of ​​the bills should survive.

In the Tyumen region the official burned 900 votes per absent in the beach establishment

In May 2017, a man burned 1 million and 14 thousand rubles. when you try to steal money from an ATM in Nyagan City Hospital. According to police, a 41-year-old resident entered a medical facility through a window and tried to open an ATM with gas-cutting equipment.



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