Sport A retired star broke the record that Cristiano Ronaldo...

A retired star broke the record that Cristiano Ronaldo set in the middle of the coronavirus crisis

Cristiano Ronaldo launched an abdominal challenge that became a rage. “Hi guys, I have a new challenge to keep you active: the Living Room Cup. Can you take a step forward and beat my crusher record? Show me what you have! ”He urged, with the sponsorship of the sportswear company that accompanies him. And he accompanied his message with a video in which the attacker emerged at Sporting Lisbon Perform 142 sit-ups in … 45 seconds. The video he shared on his Instagram account had 10 million views in just over three hours.

However, the mark he reached was quickly broken. Athlete Caster Semenya was the first to crush the Portuguese’s record and left her a message. “Hello friends. Thanks to Cristiano for his challenge, the ‘beast’ did his best. I’ve got 176 in that 45-second gap. Not bad for a Sunday “, the double South African Olympic champion joked in her post. Semenya, the South African long distance runner known for her battle with the International Athletics Association (IAAF) Because of his testosterone levels, he joined the initiative through his account of Instagram.

It was not the only one, since Clarence Seedorf accepted the challenge and also beat CR7. The former footballer of Milan, Real Madrid and Ajax, among others, managed 143 abs in 45 seconds, just one above the 142 of the Portuguese. Not bad for a former footballer, who throughout his outstanding career conquered 19 titles and has shown to remain physically intact with 44 years.

In addition to the classic training routines you do at home, Cristiano Ronaldo also highlighted the importance of union in the midst of the pandemic. The Portuguese star figure of Juventus of Italy stressed that the union is a value to keep in mind in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that keeps much of the planet in suspense.

“In this difficult time for our world it is important that we unite and support each other. Let us do everything we can to help those who need it most “, Ronaldo published on his account of the social network Instagram, accompanied by two images of him wearing masks, one with the colors of the flag of his country and the other with those of Italy.

Ronaldo, 35, meets his social isolation with his family, while waiting for the return of football and analyzes his future, which could be far from Turin, two years after joining “Juve” from Real Madrid.

In this context, Juventus acquired Cristiano Ronaldo for 105,000,000 euros and is willing to sell him for a sum ranging from 60 to 70 million euros, to reduce the costs of an expensive campus and in the midst of the economic crisis that caused the recess of soccer as a result of the coronavirus.

Also, the Portuguese was willing to reduce his salary by 3.8 million euros for as long as Juventus does not compete as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to what was published by the Italian newspaper Tuttosport.

Cristiano has already donated a million euros to hospitals due to the advance of Covid-19, with which the now would be another gesture of solidarity after a video call received by the Juventus captain, Giorgio Chiellini.

The Juve captain started with the heavyweights of the squad, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Gianluigi Buffon, who decided to have a gesture with the club at this difficult time for all of Italy, especially in the north of the country, hit by the pandemic.

The information mentions that there is still no unanimity on the campus but Chiellini continues working to give a response in the coming days to President Andre Agnelli and sports manager Fabio Paratici, after the suspension of the tournaments.

In this way, Cristiano would give up about 3.8 million of his annual salary at Juventus, which amounts to 31 million euros, Tuttosport reported.


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