A reviewer shared his impressions of the new Toyota RAV4: AvtoMedia: VladTime


The fifth generation of the Japanese crossover is characterized by modern technological equipment and beautiful appearance.

The YouCar presenter on YouTube has a new Japanese Toyota RAV4 crossover in active configuration. The reviewer described his impressions of the new product on the pages of his blog.

Under the hood of the Toyota RAV4 engine capacity considered to be 2.0 liters with a capacity of 173 horses. Interacts with the CVT drive and permanent four-wheel drive.

The basis for the new Toyota RAV4 was the architecture used to create the most recent Toyota Camry. Thanks to this chassis, the year of the Toyota RAV4 2019 model has changed the geometry of the body, and in the exterior part of the new "Japanese" features of the Subaru Forester are guessed. In general, the appearance of the new generation of Toyota RAV4 stands out for its solidity and brutality.

Inside the Toyota RAV4 2019, the blogger appreciated the convenient position of the control systems and control buttons, which brought comfort to the car's interior. Thanks to the new steering wheel and new seats, the salon of the all-new Toyota RAV4 maximizes the feeling of a completely different car: there is a lateral support on the seats, but the seats have mechanical adjustments. The functional list of the fifth generation Japanese crossover includes seat heating, heated steering wheel, an advanced multimedia installation, a driving mode switch, a USB connector and an electronic handbrake.

From the place of the new Toyota RAV4 starts very vigorously and is well inserted into the corners. As for the irregularities, the behavior of the "Japanese" is excellent, which provides an energy-intensive suspension. Managed the car well and accelerates very quickly. "It is a pleasure to guide him", summed up the blogger.

Dmitry Pavlichko




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