A rocket launcher crashed into the house

The missile system has crashed into a house in one of the villages in the Mogilev region in Belarus, the Interfax-Zapad agency reported on Monday, citing the Belarusian defense ministry. The 85-year-old housewife miraculously survived, reported the portal Tut.by.

The Ministry of Defense informed that the incident took place while the missile squadron was being moved to the training ground. It added that the soldier who was driving the launcher failed to make a sharp turn in one of the villages and drove into the corner of the house.

It was noted that no one was injured in the accident. The equipment is operational – stressed.

The independent website Tut.by wrote that the incident took place on Monday morning. Almost half of the house was destroyed, and the 85-year-old housewife miraculously survived because she was outside at the time of the accident.

As it was added, an ambulance arrived at the scene because the woman’s blood pressure jumped and she felt weak. The landlady’s daughter told Tut.by that the equipment had already been pulled from the wall by a truck. The military promised that they would cover the damage, she added, noting that at present it is not possible to live in the building because there is no wall in it and it is not known what condition the structure is in. On the website of the Ministry of Defense, we read that the military is reducing the damage to the building.

Tut.by reported that the Toczka-U missile system entered the building.


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