A Russian tourist arrested with a two-year-old male orangutan, two geckos and five lizards in his suitcase


A Russian tourist was arrested yesterday at Denpasar airport on the Indonesian island of Bali. Andrei Zhestkov had hidden in his suitcase a two-year-old male orangutan, deeply asleep in a wicker basket, as well as two geckos and five live lizards.

"We think the orangutan has received pills for the allergy that put you to sleep, and we found these pills inside the bag," an agency official said. Bali conservation. I Ketut Catur Marbawa.

The Russian "seemed to have prepared himself, as if he were bringing a child", because he also had milk for the children and blankets in his possession, the official added.

The tourist explained to the authorities that the orangutan, who thought he could make a pet in Russia, was offered to him by a friend, also of Russian nationality, who had bought him for $ 3,000 in a local market. street in the island of Java.


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