A scandal in the first round of the season. “We are withdrawing the club from the tournament. Błazenada” Football

It was the 88th minute of the meeting Spartak Moscow with PFK Sochi in the first round of the new Russian season league. The hosts were leading 2: 1, but the guests were attacking. One of their players received a pass into the penalty area, fired a shot, and then burst into one of Spartak’s defenders. To the surprise of everyone on the pitch, after this situation the referee awarded the visitors a penalty kick.

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A scandal in the Russian league. “Tomorrow we withdraw the club from the tournament”

Careful replays showed that the foul, if any, was due to Spartak’s team. It was the guest’s footballer who kicked his rival. The judge saw the situation differently. Or he wanted to see. In any case, he dictated a penalty for the Sochi team, and Christian Noboa replaced him with an equalizer.

After the match, the Russian media was in turmoil. First of all, after the statements of the owner of Spartak Moscow. – Tomorrow we will withdraw the club from the tournament. I do not want to take part in this clownery and waste money on it – Leonid Fedun said in an interview with Russian journalists.

What is it actually about? Arkadiusz Stolarek from Widzew FM, interested in the Russian league, explained the matter on Twitter. – The case has a deeper bottom, because the Spartak authorities wrote an open letter to the league authorities at the end of last season, claiming that the club was deliberately harmed by the judges’ decisions. Today’s rival – Sochi, is almost a satellite club Zenita St. Petersburg, governed by Gazprom money – wrote the journalist.

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