A second person dies who was hospitalized with legionella in Cáceres

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The Extremaduran Health Service (SES) has reported this Wednesday the death of a 90-year-old man who was admitted to the floor at the Hospital San Pedro de Alcántara de Cáceres with legionella, although the causes of death, as confirmed by this body, “are oblivious to this infection”.

It should be remembered that last week the death of another 86-year-old man from the legionella outbreak detected in the city that has affected eight people, two of which -both 65 years old- remain admitted to the hospital, although they are “stable”, according to the SES. Meanwhile, the health authorities continue to analyze water sources of the city to detect the possible origin of the outbreak, after having sealed up to eight of these sources as a preventive measure. Also last year around this time, another Legionella outbreak killed 5 people and left 20 affected.

In the last week, no new case of infection has been detected while environmental sampling continues in the areas of influence of the detected cases.

The mayor of Cáceres, Rafael Mateos, has regretted this new death, although he has specified that “He died with legionella, but not of legionella”at the same time that he has assured that the Cáceres city council continues at the expense of what the SES dictates regarding the protocol “that is followed to the letter.”

As for the eight public fountains that were closed in the city after testing positive for this bacterium, they remain closed pending repeat a second test after having undergone a disinfection process.

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