a sensational farewell to the superhero immortalized by Hugh Jackman

When Hugh Jackman became the Wolverine for the first time to ‘X-Men’ surely not even he expected that he would continue playing the same character 17 years later. In fact, he was the only one of the mutants who got his own spin-off, but it’s fair to admit that ‘X-Men origins: Wolverine’ It was a brutal disappointment and few of us would have cried if the character didn’t enjoy more solo adventures.

Luckily, Fox trusted Jackman again and in 2013 we got ‘Wolverine immortal’, a substantial improvement over the previous film but still not making the most of its possibilities. For this we had to wait until ‘Logan’, an excellent film that was sold as the farewell of the actor of the character that Today recovers Cuatro from 22:00.


The action of ‘Logan’ is situated in 2029, 25 years after the birth of the last mutant and with Wolverine showing clear signs of deterioration, mainly because his ability to regenerate is failing. He cares for a Charles Xavier who suffers from dementia and does what he can to earn a living. Everything becomes more complicated when a girl with abilities similar to hers crosses his path …

From the first moment it is clear that ‘Logan’ is a different superhero movie, from the themes it addresses – no other big-budget production has reflected so well the more fragile side of this type of character – as in the freedom of which enjoy James Mangold to capture in images his vision of a story charged at all times with a certain halo of sadness.

For this reason, Mangold, also a screenwriter of the film along with Scott Frank y Michael Green, build everything calmly, fleeing from the great fireworks for the benefit of a solid evolution of history. If you have to stop with some characters chatting, no problem, but that does not mean that you are not cut off in the use of gore whenever Wolverine gets into trouble. And that does not happen exactly little.

Visually, it is clear that Mangold drinks on more than one occasion in the western, clearly perceiving the influence of a film as mythical as ‘Deep roots’. In addition, it addresses the action scenes with clarity, allowing the viewer to enjoy them instead of resorting to compensation via montage to feign spectacularity.

Logan (4K Ultra HD) [Blu-ray]

Logan (4K Ultra HD) [Blu-ray]

Of course, above all shines a sensational Jackman who had already reached such a degree of symbiosis with the character difficult to match, but also here he shows his most dramatic side in a priceless way. I don’t forget about his co-stars, especially Patrick Stewart like a decadent Charles Xavier and a flawless Dafne Keen Which shows that he would have been one more heiress than Wolverine says, but ‘Logan’ is Jackman’s movie and he knows how to make the most of it.

Logan scene
Logan scene

‘Logan’ was, by far, the highest grossing film in the trilogy dedicated to the superhero starring Jackman. Their 619 million dollars of global collection they also rank it as one of the most successful R-rated movies of all time. It is a pity that we will not see this Wolverine again, but his farewell could not be better.

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