A series of five concerts for families with children / Day will be performed in Dzintari Concert Hall

From November 7, five Sundays to December 5, there will be concerts for families with children from 2 years to adolescence.

On November 7, popular musicians will captivate young and old listeners in a program full of fantasy traffic adventures Hum, hum auto brauc! The program is intended for preschool children, introducing them to the rules of the road in an exciting way – the characters Luxorfor and Mr. Schlugbaum carefully follow the antique and new, fast and not so fast cars and their behavior in road traffic. Aija Andrejeva will feel comfortable Beetles role, Jānis Aišpurs – in the ashes Formula 1 as a racing car, Juris Kaukulis – Traktora, but Ilona Bagele – Pedal to the metal role. Dancer Ruslan Kurlovich, featuring car mechanic Viktor, and pianist Raimonds Patrauskis also take part in the show. Narrator – Karina Bērziņa.

On November 14, children will be shown a rich world of songs – both Latvian folk songs and original songs by Latvian composers for children; both melodies from animated films and musicals; both pop hits will sound in the program Popular melodies from cartoons, musicals and folk songs. Popular tunes will be sung by the band Tautumeitas and the youth idol Ralph Eyland. Soloists Marlena Keine (soprano) and Juris Jope (tenor), Uģis Krišjānis (keys) and narrator Karina Bērziņa also participate in the program.

On November 21, Ezītis will be waiting for the little listeners, who will get to the big city due to an accident. In the program Hedgehog in the city main character Hedgehog sees that life in the city goes differently than in his forest. Hedgehogs in the city are facing quite dangerous adventures, but in the end he will find his way home. Actors, dancers, singers and even a street musician will conjure up the city’s situation and the hero’s experiences.

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November 28 in the program Miraculous voices the rich colors of the human voice will be revealed in solo singing and ensemble. Students of the Riga Dome Choir School and opera artists – Evija Martinsone, Nauris Indzeris and Ilona Bagele – will introduce the wide range of human voices, starting with children’s voices in popular music, as well as the bright soprano and tenor, velvety and low mezzo-soprano voice in classical music. Atis Ieviņš will demonstrate the nuances and ways of singing of rock music singers, while the vocal group Latvian Voices polyphonic singing traditions will be reflected in a wide range.

December 5 at 12.00 a touching adventure for the whole family – the amazing story of a boy from another planet by the world-famous writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery The Little Prince, who in his adventures gain not only learning about the world, but also new revelations about the people around him. The musical journey will take viewers to different planets – from the proud planet of the King to Earth, where the Little Prince will meet the pilot of the crashed plane and the intelligent Fox and learn the strangeness of the adult world. The children will go on a heartfelt journey together with singers Tomas Kursīte, Kalvi Kalniņš, Elza Rozentāls and Baiba Renerts, but they will see a contemporary dance group led by Ruslan Kurlovich in glorious movements.

The concert cycle takes place with the support of the State Cultural Capital Fund (SCCF) project Concert for very special people. A set of activities for people with autism spectrum disorders (AST) and other perceptual difficulties within.

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Concerts for families with children can be attended in accordance with the regulations in force in the country

  • adults with a valid Covid-19 vaccination and disease certificate;
  • children under 12 years of age without the Covid-19 test;
  • children who have reached the age of 12 – by presenting a Covid-19 vaccination, disease or testing certificate, or a laboratory certificate of a negative test performed within the last 72 hours, which has been performed within the educational process.
  • Visitors should use a mouth and nose mask, except for children under 7 years of age.

Concert cycle tickets are available at the Ticket Paradise box office, www.bilesuparadize.lv and Dzintari Concert Hall box offices.

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