A Sherpa dies climbing K2 and dozens of climbers pass over him without helping him

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Shock in the Himalayas. Pakistan is investigating the death of the local guide Muhammad Hassan when K2 ascended and was more than 8,000 meters high.

A video, which has now gone viral on the networks although the events occurred at the end of July, shows how the body of the Sherpa -although he did not belong to this ethnic group- is lying on the mountain while dozens of climbers pass over him without helping him.

According to various local media, Hassan could have spent even three hours while they estimate that up to 130 climbers passed by him.

After the appearance of the images of the incident, the Norwegian mountaineer Kristin Harila and his team, who passed through Hassan, now face accusations that they were more interested in achieving a new world record – he has ascended all 14 roofs of the planet in three months – than in helping the deceased climber. Harila is also accused of having held a party for her feat shortly after.

Harila has insisted this Thursday that his team did everything possible to save Hassan, but the conditions were too dangerous to transfer him.

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