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Quito –

Affected by cases of coronavirus in the club, Independiente del Valle will try to sign the death sentence of a Barcelona that suffers casualties due to injury, in a duel of Ecuadorians for Group A of the Copa Libertadores 2020.

The duel for the sixth date of the group will be played at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium in Quito at 7:30 p.m.

Los del valle, monarchs of the South American 2019 and one step away from the knockout stages of the Libertadores, are second in the quartet with 9 points, behind Flamengo (12). Third place belongs to Junior (6) and fourth to Barcelona (3), who are waiting for a miracle to win the consolation of the South American.

For the striped players led by the Spanish Miguel Ramírez, the initial harvest of three consecutive victories and 11 goals in favor cushioned the last two goals against Colombians and Brazilians, who face each other at the same time in Rio de Janeiro.

Use juveniles

Independiente’s complications deepened with several cases of coronavirus on his campus, which has forced him to use his effective youth hosts.

The Independiente’s medical team announced last week that 22 positive cases of covid-19 have been detected in the club, 15 players and seven members of the coaching staff.

“We were unlucky enough to face a Libertadores team that was plagued by coronavirus cases (Flamengo) that infected us and the entire squad has been infecting us,” strategist Ramírez lamented in a press conference.

Despite the adverse situation, the team confirmed its status as a ‘giant killer’ and over the weekend it racked up two goals to win 3-2 against Liga de Quito, the brand new winner of the first phase of Ecuadorian football that came off a streak of nine unbeatable matches.

For the Cup, Ramírez waits for “Independiente proposing and Barcelona waiting for the error to counterattack”.

Many injured

The canaries, dismounted prematurely, cling to the consolation of continuing in the next round of the South American as third in the series, for which they require not only to win and beat Independiente, but also to hope that Junior does not join in his visit to Brazil.

For the Argentine coach Fabián Bustos, the situation is extremely difficult due to the increase in injuries resulting from the bustle after the return after the five-month suspension due to the pandemic.

The latest medical report questioned the presence of full-back Mario Pineida, Argentine midfielder Damián Díaz and midfielder Adonis Preciado due to muscle problems and ruled out midfielder Michael Arroyo and Paraguayan striker Cristian Coleman.

“The injuries have been playing a trick on us,” technical assistant Rolando Azas told the press before the match against Independiente, who was confident that “those who are going to enter, as they enter, will find a rhythm that works for the team ”.

The referees appointed for this duel are the Ecuadorians Luis Quiroz as central along with the assistants Christian Lescano and Byron Romero. (D)

Possible alignments

Independent of the Valley: Jorge Pinos; Angelo Preciado, William Pacho, Luis Segovia, Beder Caicedo; Moisés Caicedo, Lorenzo Faravelli, Brian Rivero, Efren Mera; Christian Ortiz and Jhon Sanchez. DT: Miguel Ramírez.

Barcelona SC: Javier Burrai; Byron Castillo, Dario Aimar, Williams Riveros, Pedro Velasco; Bruno Piñatares, Nixon Molina, Gabriel Marques, Sergio Quintero; Emmanuel Martinez and Jonathan Alvez. DT: Fabián Daniel Bustos.

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