A simple ointment will cure the fungus in 4 days


It is no longer necessary to hide people's legs.

The ointment contains three simple ingredients and even a schoolboy can cook it.

The fungus of the fingernail or oncycomycosis is a dangerous disease that "kills" not only the nail, but also the skin of the feet. It is very difficult to get rid of it, but recently a doctor told me that a simple ointment will cure a fungus in just 4 days. It is made from onions, eggs and butter, so the product is very convenient and you can cook it at home.

To make an ointment, you have to take a raw egg, a tablespoon of homemade sunflower oil and a tablespoon of onion jelly. Apply the mixture on the affected nails, wrap it in polyethylene, wear socks and leave it overnight, the dermatologist writes in his blog. The treatment will take only 3-4 days. During this time, damaged nails break off and in their place they start to grow smooth, smooth and healthy.

The ointment has an anti-fungal effect and will also help in advanced cases. It turns out that the oil and the egg will give a result on the face. Another proven method is iodine. It must be applied daily on the nail. For a greater effect, experts recommend combining two methods of combating onychomycosis.

The main symptoms of a fungus on the legs are itching between the fingers, unpleasant odor, peeling of the skin, discoloration of the fingernail, pain during walking and liquid blistering. Everyone can contract the disease. The contributing factors to the infection are reduced immunity, tight shoes, sweaty legs, overweight, low quality shoes, old age.

Having noticed the first symptoms of the disease, the dermatologist still recommends contacting a specialist, otherwise you can start the fungus and then the treatment will be delayed for a long time. It is not against the use of homemade ointment, but this should be done with the permission of a doctor, because self-medication can be dangerous.



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