A skirmish broke out in Ankara between delegations from Russia and Ukraine

A fight broke out between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations at the parliamentary session of the Black Sea countries. The station Nexta informed about it. During the speech of the head of the Russian delegation, representatives of Ukraine unfurled the Ukrainian flag behind her and started chanting. Members of the Russian delegation tried to interrupt their event. One member of the Russian delegation also tried to take their flag from the Ukrainians, for which they attacked him.

A meeting of representatives of the parliaments of the economic cooperation initiative of the countries located in the Black Sea region took place in Ankara on Thursday. There are 13 countries that are not necessarily located on the Black Sea, as a number of Balkan states are also members.

At the meeting, the Speaker of the Turkish Parliament, Mustafa Sentop, called for peace between Russia and Ukraine. According to him, Turkey strongly supports Ukrainian independence and sovereignty and is trying to mediate negotiations on a ceasefire. However, according to him, some Western countries wish the war to continue. He did not mention any specific state.

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