A skyscraper will be built off the coast of Zanzibar. There is no lack of controversy

Tanzania was among the few countries that benefited from the pandemic. Zanzibar, which was wrongly considered a COVID-19 free island, enjoyed great popularity. For a long time, it was possible to enter it without any restrictions. By the time President John Magufuli, who had previously questioned the coronavirus, became infected with it and died.

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The Zanzibar Domino Tower is to be built on an artificial archipelago off the Tanzanian coast islands. It is to have 70 floors. It will include offices, apartments, commercial and gastronomic premises as well as two luxury hotels (5 and 6 stars). The facility will be the second tallest skyscraper in Africa, right after the Carlton Center Office Tower in Johannesburg, which rises to 223 meters.

Not only a skyscraper will be built on the 20-hectare site. Designers planned kurort on the island, a golf course, a private marina for yachts or a wedding chapel on a separate island. There will be 560 apartments in the skyscraper itself, and an edge pool on the roof of the building. Volunteers will also be able to stay overnight in one of 104 exclusive villas on the water.

The site will be accessible both by water and by air (a helipad is planned). Investors also plan to build a bridge in the future that will connect the facility with the western shore of the island.

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Big dream

“We want the first truly iconic site in Africa,” says Youssef Amour, president of the AICL group, contractor for the investment.

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Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower was designed by architects from the xCassia studio. “The project was inherited from my father, and its history is as special for the developer as it is for us. The building was first sketched in Paris in 2009 by my deceased father, when we played dominoes with him and my brothers. I had dreamed of building this object for over a decade. Between its inherent mathematical order and the geometry found in nature, clean lines and proportions that evoke growth, progress and freedom, it had all the hallmarks of an icon that anyone could remember and draw on a paper napkin. just the right investor with a vision and terrain to make it happen, “said xCassia founder and design director Jean-Paul Cassia.

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Who’s right?

The Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower is expected to cost as much as $ 1.3 billion. Despite such high financial outlays, the authorities believe that this investment is an opportunity to support the economy and tourism. They add that thanks to it, residents will gain new jobs.

Critics emphasize the negative impact on the natural environment and interference with the landscape of the island. They are also concerned that more investors will soon expand, and they will also want to build other high-rise buildings.

The date of commencement of construction of the skyscraper has not been announced yet.

Source: cassia.global / globalconstructionreview.com / worldarchitecture.org

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