A smart pen and ruler for the iPad tablet

The American company “Adobe” specializing in the design software and electronic publishing has launched its entry into the hardware market of electronic devices by launching the “Adobe Ink” and “Adobe Line” appendices designed to complete the company’s latest applications, “Sketch”, “Line” and “Photoshop Mix” dedicated to the device. IPad, by providing its graphic package with a specialized physical input tool.

The two smart products are available at a price of $ 200 in the US market. The “Ink” smart pen comes with a precise pressure-sensitive head and can connect wirelessly to an iPad device via “Bluetooth” technology. It also has a LED indicator in the front, which makes it light up. In the color that the user draws on the device’s display.
The two new attachments “Ink” and “Line” act as a smart pen and ruler, each of which is distinguished by its quality workmanship and the decoration of the silver-colored exterior made of aluminum.


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