A soldier runs over a member of the works council who was participating in a picket at the doors of Navantia in Ferrol

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Early this morning, a soldier ran over a member of the company committee of Navantia Ferrol when he participated in an information picket at the gates of the shipyard.

According to union sources who were present, delegates from the auxiliary industry, the Industry federations and the committee itself participated in the picket, and the incident occurred when the man was asking the drivers of the vehicles who were trying to access to the premises to which company they belonged.

It was at that moment when, apparently, he approached her and the woman has accelerated the vehiclerunning over the man, who, although he has fallen to the ground, has not suffered major damage as he was located on the side of the vehicle and jumped to retreat.

After what happened, agents from the National Police who were monitoring the picket came to the scene and they are the ones who filed the corresponding complaint.

This picket was part of the actions announced by the unions to prevent access to the shipyard by workers from auxiliary companies that are not respecting the salary agreements of the workers who carry out their work in this shipyard.

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