A source of compensation reveals to the Joule the terms of the negotiations with Ahli to resolve the agreement Mahmoud Wahid – in the Joule


The transfer of Mahmoud Wahid from Egypt to Ahli may have been a few hours away, but to complete the agreement, there are still some points to be negotiated between the two clubs.

A source in the Egyptian Compensation Club revealed the articles currently being negotiated by the two clubs in order to complete the transfer of the left in Egypt.

The source, which he preferred not to be named at the time, he said FilGoal.com: "We want 15 million pounds from Ahli for the transfer of Mahmoud Wahid to Ahli, and we do not want to enter each other in any player in the transaction."

"We have also included a clause in the contracts to get a percentage in the case of returning Ahli to sell to any other team, in addition to the percentage of participation in a certain number of games".

"Ahli wants to put some players in the deal, but we reject him, the contracts are ready and our desire and desire of the player are ready, and immediately after the approval of the conditions Ahli we will sign the contracts immediately".

Although the point of contention between the two clubs is the possibility for Ahli's players to enter into the deal, but may change in the wake of a possible call between the two club presidents.

Mohamed Abdel Salam, president of the Egyptian compensation club, said earlier FilGoal.com That negotiations are still ongoing on the agreement. (See details)

Issam Siraj, head of Egypt's compensation contracts, was present this morning at the Al Ahli club, holding meetings with his counterparts in Ahli to conclude the negotiations with an agreement between the two parties.

FilGoal.com On Wednesday evening, he revealed that a single order that separated Mahmoud Wahid's transfer to Al Ahli was an agreement on players who could enter into the deal. (See details)

Mahmoud Wahid has played 16 games this season and has managed to score once and the industry 5 times.

Will Mahmoud Wahid enter your favorite form of Al Ahly this season?

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