A spaceport and a hotel for wealthy tourists, from 2027?


Screenshot of a 3D simulation of what the Space Station could look like when it was created by the Gateway Foundation in 2025 – Catpure of the Youtube screen

The American Gateway Foundation company wants to build a new space station dedicated to science and tourism by 2025. The ambition of the company is to build a structure worthy of science fiction work.

This would take the form of a circular platform, 488 meters wide. It could hold 150 crew members and about 450 people at the same time, he reports Numerama. The estimated cost of this project for its production and start-up is estimated at between 54 and 64 billion euros.

A new place of life like on Earth

"The Gateway Foundation was created to build the first spaceport. (…) The Von Braun Station will be (…) designed to produce various levels of gravity by increasing or decreasing its rotational speed", states the foundation. his website.

Inside, Gateway Foundation intends to create different spaces. A "Hub" would be dedicated to the administration and a "Lunar Gravity Area" could contain a restaurant, a gym or a concert hall. Accommodations should be created with private rooms consisting of beds, showers, toilets and emergency shuttles.

Gravity at the center of the project

The company wants to create fruit and vegetable plantations far from the Earth. It also wants to become an experimental laboratory dedicated to the potential conquest of Mars. The Mars Gravitational Area (MGA) would be responsible for the "production of about 30% of the earth's gravity", according to the statements transmitted by Numerama. It would have become the ideal place to put the future settlers of the red planet into position.

Gateway Foundation ensures that its station would be ready by 2025. It will host its first travelers in 2027, reports the specialized site.


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