A Spaniard lies to Covid trackers and causes strict confinement in Australia

The South Australian State Police is investigating a citizen positive Spanish for Covid-19whose lie to trackers who were trying to find out the origin of an outbreak in the city of Adelaide caused the strictest confinement in the country.

As reported this Saturday by the newspaper The Australian, the 36-year-old citizen, whose visa expires in December and whose identity he does not reveal, is hotel employee in which last weekend a coronavirus outbreak, but lied to investigators by hiding that it was also worker in a pizzeria in the same city.

The Prime Minister of South Australia, Steven Marshall, assured this Friday that if not for that lie, which disoriented researchers, this state of 1.7 million inhabitants would not have decreed a six-day confinement, canceled yesterday Friday when the deception was uncovered.

The authorities believed that the investigated had been infected with Covid-19 when buying a pizza in the restaurant, but they discovered that in fact I worked there as a kitchen assistant, in addition to being a security guard at a hotel where an outbreak was detected.

Investigators are trying to find out how the worker, now in quarantine, was able to confuse them to make them decree the harshest confinement in the country so far, with a ban from Wednesday night on exercising outdoors and walking pets.

“It is important that my investigation is thorough and fair. And we will look what laws have you been able to break“Deputy Commissioner Peter Hardy told local media.

The people of South Australia- who accumulates 553 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, including 4 deceased- can reopen all businesses this Friday, although with capacity limits, as well as celebrate funerals, weddings and religious events, among other activities.

The authorities of this state, whose economy represents about 6% of the Gross Domestic Product of the oceanic country, reported this Friday three new local infections, all of them in quarantine, bringing this new outbreak to 25 infections.

With more than 25 million inhabitants, Australia accumulates around 27,790 cases of covid-19 and 907 deaths, of which 20,345 infections and 819 deaths correspond to the state of Victoria, which was the epicenter of the second wave of coronavirus.

The state of Victoria, where the alleged failures in the quarantine centers of the city of Melbourne began to shoot the numbers of infections at the end of last June, has been without infection for 20 consecutive days after applying a strict confinement of more than 110 days.


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