A Spanish tourist dies after participating in a diving expedition in Bali

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The Indonesian authorities confirmed this Thursday that a woman of Spanish nationality, a nurse 57 years oldhas died after a diving expedition on the beach of Tulambenon the tourist island of Bali.

According to the police report released by the Police of the regency of Karangasemlocated in the eastern part of Bali, the probable cause of death has been rupture of a blood vessel after making two diving dives, lasting about an hour each.

The events occurred on Tuesday, when the woman and a group of other foreign tourists went to Tulamben beach to participate in a diving expedition.

The victim completed the first dive, around 11:30 local time (GMT+8) and which lasted 48 minutes, successfully and “was still in good health, resting for an hour.”

However, after completing a second dive, around 1:45 p.m. local time and lasting about 52 minutes, the deceased complained of shortness of breath after returning to the surface and was immediately transferred to a community health center, where she was treated.

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