a state of agitation was called

The unitary state of agitation of the workers of the INPS of Lombardy has been announced, with principals and assemblies of claims and protests to be held in all the territorial offices and at the Regional Directorate tomorrow, Thursday 18 May.

In Sondrio, the assembly with the staff will be held from 10:30 to 12:30 at the provincial Inps office in via XXV Aprile. Subsequently, a trade union delegation will go to the Prefecture to illustrate the reasons for the mobilization to the representatives of the Government in the province of Sondrio with respect to a crucial issue.

The reasons for the dispute

INPS provides welfare and, with its proximity services, plays an important role for citizens and businesses. But, at the Lombard level, it has been left to itself. For some time Fp Cgil, Cisl Fp, Uil Pa, Confsal Unsa, Flp Epne, Confintesa and Usb della Lombardia have denounced the serious shortage of staff in the institute’s offices, with the repercussions on workloads, performance and the services to be guaranteed. The lack of personnel is 57.2%. Of the 471 people assigned to Lombardy, despite the shortage being 830 units, only 355 took up service last April 17. This means that the waivers were in Lombardy of around 29%. , a figure far from 8% of the Italian average. And while there are few new hires, retirements and mobility towards Central/Southern Italy continue.

The Sondrio site will already be affected by the outflow of personnel due to retirement this year, taking into account that the average age is around 58 years. Therefore fatigue and frustration have an impact given the inevitable increase in workloads and the lack of the necessary turnover. This difficult situation is increasing the risk of services closing with some offices run by 2-3 workers and workers, sometimes even just one.

“This means – explain the representatives of the trade unions – that with the retirement of the next few years some activities will be paralyzed unless urgent measures are taken. The idea of ​​relocating INPS activities in Lombardy, the leader for consistency of population and GDP. Instead, we need to hire more staff, enhance them and make the institution more attractive, which is also a safeguard of legality. All the more reason with the commissioner, now, of the INPS top management, we look with concern, in general, to its fate. We will supervise with great attention so that this condition is not exploited to the detriment of citizens and workers. In Lombardy the struggle will continue until concrete answers are reached”.

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2023-05-17 20:59:19

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