A strange halo of light appeared around the Moon

May 6, 2020 23:32

The photograph was captured by a neighbor who sent it to a local outlet. This phenomenon is more common in very cold places like Siberia or Alaska. However, experts say that under ideal conditions it can happen.

A strange halo of light appeared around the Moon (Photo: La Arena de La Pampa).

A half of The Pampa published an incredible photograph of the Moon. There it was seen how a strange halo of light appeared around him, a kind of iridescent disc on the outer circumference of the star. The image was captured by a reader who sent it to the newspaper.

According to experts this phenomenon is commonly seen in the coldest areas of the world, such as Antarctica, Greenland, Alaska and Siberia. This is because in these spaces light clouds crystallized by the cold can be generated. However, It can also be seen elsewhere if the ideal atmospheric conditions for it to occur occur.

In this sense, it is an atmospheric phenomenon that generated when tiny particles of suspended ice are generated directly in the troposphere in the air, which when receiving light, refract it generating a spectrum of colors around the Moon.

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“Moon of Flowers”, the last Supermoon of 2020 will take place on May 7

It will take place in the midst of the mandatory quarantine due to coronavirus and marks a more than favorable occasion to be able to appreciate it in the middle of a clear night, as a result of the absence of movement in the streets of the cities.

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In recent years this phenomenon has become popular both for its attractiveness and for the effects it has on the astrology of signs. Its name has to do with the time of year in which it is registered. This is the time of year when the countries of the northern hemisphere are spring, when most of the flowers bloom.

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