A strong storm hit the region with blasting roofs, power outages and flooded streets

On 18 and 57 they cut off traffic due to the fall of a huge branch / the day

A strong storm of rain and wind crossed the Region and left power cuts, flooded streets, roof blasting, falling trees and concern. But the impact on Chascomús was tremendous, where gusts of 120 kilometers per hour were recorded, dozens of roofs were blown up and serious disruptions were made.

In Abasto, a neighbor had his roof blown off, and he ended up in the entrance of a nearby house. According to the person who found the plates at the entrance of his house, he gave notice to the firefighters about this situation and they immediately came to his aid.

The event occurred in 206 and 519, where last night it was evident that the wind blew strongly. The structure, no less than 4 meters long, was torn from the house and only fortunately there were no injuries.

On the other hand, the fall of some large branches was reported in different parts of the City. One of them was registered in 18 and 57, where they had to cut off traffic while workers from the Municipality worked to remove the remains of that specimen.

Meanwhile, in Los Hornos, a reader of EL DIA, Melisa, assured that the “electrical storm burned a bomb, the microwave and a television.”

In La Plata, the “yellow” risk attention level (NAR) was established preventively due to storms and gusts of up to 70 kilometers per hour, registered during the early morning, and prevention tasks and monitoring of the weather conditions.

From the Commune, it was detailed that yesterday morning gusts of 53 km / h were recorded in Villa Elisa; of 50 in Villa Elvira; of 63 in Melchor Romero; from 47 in Gonnet; from 54 in Los Hornos; of 56 in Plaza Moreno; from 64 in Tolosa; of 48 in San Lorenzo; of 70 in San Carlos; and 56 in City Bell.

Similarly, it was detailed that the accumulated precipitation until 8:45 in the morning was 56.8 mm in Plaza Olazábal; 24.6 mm in Villa Elisa; 26.9mm in Villa Elvira; 35.9mm in Melchor Romero; 36.0mm in Gonnet; 28.8mm at Los Hornos; 27.8mm in Plaza Moreno; 31.2mm. in Tolosa; 30.6mm in Altos de San Lorenzo; 29.8 in San Carlos; and 35.6mm in City Bell.

In turn, there were power outages in different neighborhoods of the City that began after strong gusts of wind and rain that hit the City. There were complaints in specific sectors of Abasto, Altos de San Lorenzo and Villa Elisa. From Edelap they reported that the service was normalized at noon.


Meanwhile, a storm of rain and winds of 120 kilometers per hour in Chascomús caused the blasting of more than twenty roofs and the fall of trees and public lighting poles, the municipality reported today.

As detailed by the communal authorities, the storm “left dozens of fallen trees and poles, blasting 23 roofs, obstructed streets and entire neighborhoods without electricity service,” for which a special assistance operation was deployed that involved Civil Defense, the Volunteer Fire Department and the Buenos Aires Police.

“Despite the intensity of the storm, we did not register personal injuries or serious emergency situations or evacuations,” said the director of Civil Defense, Silvina Lantaño, in a statement.

“In addition to blowing up entire roofs, there were fallen walls and posts and trees blocking streets and the entrance to houses, so the work will continue today throughout the day to be able to respond to all,” he added.


On the other hand, the National Meteorological Service forecasts temperatures between 13º and 25º for today and the day will begin with mostly cloudy skies and it will be clear towards the afternoon.


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