A study claims that Earth’s water comes from the Sun

    A recent study has found that when the solar wind interacts with some tiny dust particles found on asteroids, it can create water.

    This study has given scientists a big new clue to why there is water on our planet. That track, of course, is the Sun.

    Most modern models suggest that most of Earth’s H20 originally came from an extraterrestrial source, probably from C-type asteroids in the region of Jupiter and Saturn.

    Maciej FrolowGetty Images

    “This phenomenon could explain why the regoliths of airless worlds like the Moon, which were previously believed to be anhydrous, contain different percentages of H20,” the authors of the new study explain.

    The asteroid studied for this research is Itokawa, which describes an orbit around the Sun and is close to Mars. This object was hit by the Japanese probe Hayabusa after a journey of 290 million kilometers. At Itokawa, direct evidence of H2O was found inside microscopic grains of alien dust. And the cause of this process can be traced back to the Sun.

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