A summary of telecommunications tariff discounts for Mother’s Day in 2021: Chunghwa Telecom, FarEasTone Telecom, Taiwan’s Big Brother, Taiwan Star, Asia Pacific Telecom #iphone 12 (161400)-Cool3c

Since telecom operators introduced 499 all-you-can-eat tariffs during the Mother’s Day schedule, Mother’s Day has become one of the focus of telecom discounts every year. Recently, the 5G network is officially launched. There must be many users looking forward to whether there will be 5G tariff discounts this time. However, the Mother’s Day activities launched by various telecom companies this year are still mainly based on gifts, points and other accessories. Offer price discounts on tariffs. Even so, if there is a demand for contract renewal or a new account number in the near future, you can still get a little discount in conjunction with the Mother’s Day event. Here are various telecom companies such as Chunghwa Telecom, FarEasTone Telecom, Taiwan Big Brother, Taiwan Star, Asia Pacific Telecom’s Mother’s Day activities, if you want more detailed information, you can also check on the official websites of various telecom operators.

Chunghwa Telecom: Free Hami Point for designated plan

This time Chunghwa Telecom launched three preferential schemes. The first plan is related to mobile phone tariffs, mainly based on giving away Hami Point points. During the Mother’s Day schedule, users who apply for 5G and pay a monthly designated tariff of 799 yuan to 1399 yuan, can enjoy up to 12,000 Hami Point points. And if you apply for a designated 5G plan, you can also enjoy the designated mobile phone discount and up to 1500 Hami Point points. One Hami Point can be exchanged for 1 yuan.

The second preferential scheme is related to home internet services and is limited to internet stores. During the specified time, if you apply for the Chunghwa Telecom Hinet Hikari Generation and MOD through the online store, you can enjoy discounted prices for home appliances such as conditioning machines, universal pots, and 300 Hami Point discounts. As for the last type of preferential scheme, prepaid card discounts are given to double the traffic, or timed prepaid cards can get more usage time.

▲ Chunghwa Telecom launched three preferential programs on Mother’s Day. The mobile phone tariff is mainly based on giving away Hami Point points.

Far EasTone Telecom: Apply for designated plans to enjoy preferential prices for mobile phones, tablets, and home appliances

This year’s Mother’s Day farewell Telecom’s offers are based on additional offers after the bidding plan, including the iPhone 12 series. If you apply for a 5G plan above 999 yuan, you can enjoy double gifts, including the iPhone 12 series at 0 yuan, and Apple Watch, etc. Gifts are offered at a discounted price of RMB 0. In terms of discounts on tablets and home appliances, Yuan Chuan has launched a special price for tablets and home appliances. The items include iPad, Dyson hair dryers, etc. If an online store bids, an additional 1,000 yuan shopping gold will be given to Friday shopping.

The photo mentioned the homepage/offer/Yuan Chuan Ai Xian Mummy, selected Mother’s Day products starting at $0, Yuan Chuan Ai, Xian Mummy, including design, graphic design, product design, trademark, and design

▲Yuan Chuan Telecom has launched 4 preferential schemes on Mother’s Day this year. The first three are also for designated tariffs and enjoy discounts on additional purchases of goods. The last one is to purchase designated empty aircraft from Yuan Chuan Telecom, which can enjoy an additional purchase price discount of 1 yuan for designated goods.

Taiwan’s Big Brother: Enjoy the discounted price of products at designated tariffs and then give Momo coins

Taiwan’s Big Brother offers discounts on designated tariffs and Momo coins. In terms of 5G tariffs, monthly payment of 999 yuan, 1399 yuan, etc. can enjoy the price of designated goods at 0 yuan. If you apply for a designated project, you can enjoy 3 months of free experience of various services such as Myvideo, Mymusic, and GeForce Now. If you apply for a project for more than 30 months , Internet stores can get up to 3,000 more Momo coins.

In addition, Taiwan’s Big Brother University also has preferential options other than 5G tariffs. For example, during the specified period, online stores can enjoy up to 3,000 Momo coins and exclusive products starting from 0 yuan. If you apply for a monthly payment of 699 yuan, or even 199 yuan, you can also enjoy the 0 yuan discounted price of the designated goods. The event time ends on May 31.

▲The Mother’s Day discounts launched by Taiwan’s Big Brother University are mainly based on product discounts and Momo coin gifts.

Taiwan Star: Free merchandise at designated rates, shopping vouchers also have door numbers and shopping discounts

This year, Taiwan Star launched 3 kinds of discounts on Mother’s Day. The first is to enjoy the designated tariffs. Users who apply for designated tariffs of 799, 999, 1399 yuan can enjoy free mobile phones or home appliances, shopping vouchers for shopping malls up to 2000, and designated laundry service discounts. And if you don’t want to match the products, those who do the door number alone can enjoy a preferential rate of 299 yuan 5G to 4G unlimited speed all-you-can-eat. In addition, Taiwan Star also launched shopping discounts in malls. During the Mother’s Day period, the prices of designated products are discounted.

▲Taiwan Star Mother’s Day Promotions page. Mainly apply for designated tariffs, and you can enjoy three kinds of gifts including free home appliances or mobile phones, shopping mall coupons, and laundry service discounts.

▲Taiwan Star’s Mother’s Day single-door number tariff price.

Asia Pacific Telecom: Bid for iPhone 12 designated tariff plus AirPods discounted price

Asia Pacific Telecom’s current Mother’s Day offers are mainly based on iPhone 12. It applies for the designated 5G and 4G tariffs for the full range of iPhone 12 mobile phones. You can purchase AirPods or other Apple peripheral accessories at a discounted price. In addition, Asia Pacific Telecom also cooperates with Ice Monster. Anyone who applies for house number or value-added services at Asia Pacific Telecom during the Mother’s Day period can purchase limited-size Mother’s Day cakes at a discounted price.

Pay attention to the time of preferential activities and qualifications

During the Mother’s Day period, various telecom operators have launched designated discounts, some of which need to be applied with higher 5G tariffs. Users can first consider the network usage. In terms of application qualifications, some discounts are only limited to online stores. Therefore, users can check the event page before applying, and if necessary, call the customer service hotlines of various telecom operators to inquire.


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