A survey measured the image of the Kirchners: Cristina beat Máximo and Florencia was down

A new national survey that you accessed Clarion It included in the same study not only Vice-President Cristina and Deputy Máximo Kirchner, but also Florence, who was foreign to the world of politics. The filmmaker did not fare well: she was last in the balance, below her brother and mother, the one that showed the best numbers of the three.

The study is from Reale Dallatorre Consultores (RDT), a firm based in Mendoza that also conducts national surveys and works for private companies. Its last survey is from May 3 to 6 and includes 2,180 cases online, with an error margin of +/- 3.8%. The consultant was a pioneer in using measurements through social networks.

Chapter II of the study includes the images of 11 leaders, plus the daughter of the former president. Although Florence remained on the fringes of political structures, his name was involved in various court cases, for their inclusion in family businesses after the death of Néstor Kirchner in 2010.

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At the start of the report, with a look at all the images, RDT highlights: “Alberto Fernández is the best evaluated leader with a 66% positive image (and 55% favorable differential). The second place is occupied by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta , with a 32% positive image (15% differential in their favor) Near the bottom of the table are Cristina Kirchner, Mauricio Macri and Máximo Kirchner (with – 25%, – 30% and – 37% differential ) “.

According to the survey, the PRO leader is the worst-viewed opposition leader and sneaks into the Kirchners at the bottom of the ranking. Then adds the report: “Even without ever having held public or partisan positions, it is curious to observe that Florencia Kirchner is currently, one of the most unpopular characters (- 40% differential).

The disaggregated Kirchner data is as follows:

Cristina It combines 24% “good” rating, 20% “fair” and 49% “bad”. It has a differential (positive minus negative) of – 25 points. Complete 7% of “don’t know / don’t answer”.

Maximum it adds 14% of “good”, 18% of “fair” and 51% of “bad”. More 17% of “ns / nc”. Differential of – 37%.

FlorenceLastly, it shows 10% of “good”, 17% of “fair” and 50% of “bad”, with 23% of “ns / nc”. Differential of – 40%.

Under the vice president and above the deputy is Macri, with 17% “good”, 28% “fair” and 47% “bad”. His differential is minus 30 points. A fact that confirms the critical view of politics is that, in addition to Alberto Fernández, the only leader with a balanced image in his favor is Larreta.

Who is promoting the release of prisoners by the coronavirus?

Cristina’s name reappears later in the survey, when RDT asks about the responsibilities in the release of detainees to prevent them from coronavirus.

From the outset, in this chapter, the first question is asked about the motivations that magistrates believe that they would have to release them with house arrest. And there, the greatest responsibility people attribute it to the judicial officials themselves, in a very negative way: 40.2% think that they decide it because of “some spurious arrangement”, such as bribes. 32% perceive “political pressure” and only 13% consider that the decision is based on a strictly health issue.

As for which politicians are promoting the release of detainees, a 54.2% believe that Cristina exercises between “a lot” (31.2%) and “a lot of pressure” (23%). The President, meanwhile, adds 34.4% on the same item: 15.4% consider that he exerts “a lot of pressure” and 19% “quite a lot”.

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