Entertainment A taxi driver was excited to live to Guido...

A taxi driver was excited to live to Guido Kaczka with a revelation: “I met your grandfather”

There are so many moments of adrenaline and excitement that is live every night at Welcome Aboard when the participants play all or nothing by be amazing prizes to your home. And in the issue of Tuesday, Guido Kaczka are sensitized to hear the story of a taxi driver.

Asked by if she had a profession in addition to the driver, Salvador answered and automatically surprised the driver with another question: “I Do carpentry. Do you know Felisa and Frames?”, he wanted to know.

What Guido, visibly shocked, responded that their grandfathers were called so: “of Course, my grandfather had a furniture factory”.

“I knew your grandparents when I was a kid. My dad and my uncle worked with your grandfather and your grandfather loved me very much, to me, was always going to the factory. Was a pan of God”.

“Well, I met them when I was a kid. My dad and my uncle worked with your grandfather and your grandfather loved me very much, to me, was always going to the factory. It was divine. I was a kid, once in the 6 years I cut this finger,” said the contestant, to show his hand.

It was then that Kaczka wanted to have more information of their ancestors, whom failed to see: “Look, the met Frameworks and Felisa! I did not knew because it was very baby when he died. How was my grandfather?”.

“It was more cachetón and more achinado. It was divine. Of Felisa I don’t remember much. I agree with most of your grandfather’s because my old man took me to the factory, and always walked with him. In the holidays, your grandfather wanted you to all those that worked with him are there because he wanted to know all. It was terrific, the bread of God. Of truth”, closed his Savior, while the presenter looked at him warmly with the bright eyes.



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