A teammate sent Crow to the infirmary. It looked painful, but it’s okay, reassured Nestrashil

The Hockey Steelmen left Liberec on Friday with two wins at once. The White Tigers defeated 4: 2 and at the head of the extra league they continue to pamper themselves with a five-point lead. The second good news and imaginary victory is that their captain Petr Vrána is also okay, who at the end of the first period on his own substitute caught a painful blow from the teammate in the head. “He has a couple of tricks there, but he will be fine,” Marek Zadina, an assistant coach from Třinec, reassured after the match.

Radek Petrášek, CTK

It didn’t look good at all, as he shuddered in the forward bend and walked slowly from the doctor’s switch to the infirmary with a blood-soaked infirmary. Nevertheless, the ace of Třinec jumped into the second period.

What happened 122 seconds before the first siren on the Třinec inverter? The defender Milan Douder tried to throw the puck out of his own third, but he unluckyly tricked him right among his partners. “Milan drove back and had little to do with the puck. He didn’t want to drag him into the zone unnecessarily and threw him out. He flew at someone standing on the switch, but he reflexively dodged and Raven didn’t see it and unfortunately hit him in the ear. It looked quite painful, “admitted the first goal scorer Andrej Nestrašil, who saw the whole situation well.

Třinec hockey joy. From left, Ondřej Kovařčík and author of the first goal, Andrej Nestrašil.

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Radek Petrášek, CTK

“It was an unfortunate accident. We wanted to throw the disc out of our third and unfortunately Milan Doudera threw it all the way to the substitution. Petr wasn’t looking at the situation, he would have reacted differently. It’s nothing nice to have any player hurt and you don’t know what’s wrong with him, “Zadina said.

Only after the first siren in the cabin did the people of Třinec discover that it would not be anything serious and that Crow would be able to continue the match. “We are glad that he returned to the second period, he is fine and can play, because he is very important to us,” added Nestrašil.

In the end, Crow was named the best man of the match on the side of the winners. The steelworkers got into a two-goal lead in the middle third. Liberec managed to reduce in the end, but the leader of the extra league kept three points and sealed the victory in an empty goal at 4: 2 Daňa and Vrána also rejoiced with a colorful ear.


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