A Tesla in Taizhou found a serious car accident and hit multiple cars at the intersection!Car crash video exposure–Fast Technology–Technology changes the future

On November 28, a blogger uploaded a video of a Tesla car accident, which attracted the attention of netizens.

The driving recorder showed that the Tesla hit multiple cars at high speed at the intersection, and the Volkswagen SUV was the most severely hit.He was squeezed to the side of the road and almost turned over. Another BMW was also knocked over the head.

The front of the black Tesla collapsed, and the white Volkswagen SUV was hit by the side of the road. The main and co-pilots were also unconscious.

The rear bumper of the BMW sedan in the middle of the road also fell off due to the collision, but the overall damage to the vehicle was not serious, and the specific casualties of the accident are still unknown.

In addition, the blogger also posted the content of the eyewitness WeChat chat:

“A Tesla hit three cars on Lute Avenue. He was waiting for a red light at the intersection. The Tesla ran the red light beside him and rushed across the intersection at super fast speed.The speed should be more than 100 per hour; we should go straight from the left-turn lane.”

At present, the specific details of the accident have not been announced, and the follow-up official notification shall prevail.

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