A Tesla shareholder has spoken. Cybertruck is to go into production with a different figure

That shareholder is Matthew Donegan-Ryan, who attended Tesla’s recent Investor Day event. Here, he was supposed to speak with high-ranking people from Tesla, from whom he was supposed to learn new things about the production Cybertruck, which the automaker has not yet publicly communicated anywhere. Again, these are unconfirmed reports.

At the outset, it is worth noting that the production version should be roughly 5 percent smaller compared to the concept. Cybertruk with a length of approx. 586 cm, a width of 231 cm and a wheelbase of 386 cm could be even smaller than the Ford F-150 Raptor. However, it will reportedly offer more space, including a larger trunk.

EXCLUSIVE: CyberTruck Dimensions: it’s just a little smaller than a Ford F-150 Raptor; about 1.5” shorter and 2.5” narrower, but has a ~6” longer bed thanks to the shorter hood. pic.twitter.com/QQkAky3gsh

At the start of production, we should also expect two variants, none of which will offer only one electric motor. The basis should be the Dual Motor version, i.e. with two electric motors, which was expected for a long time. In the Performance version, the Cybertruck should reportedly offer exactly three electric motors, as reported by Donegan-Ryan.

Elon Musk, the CEO of the Tesla brand, should have indicated in the past that the top version of the Cybertruck model should get exactly four electric motors. But maybe we will see a new top of the offer later. For now, the three-motor version would at least match the configuration of the Tesla Model S/X in Plaid.

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In addition, Donegan-Ryan says the Cybertruck should offer rear-wheel steering, an air suspension with adjustable ground clearance, or five seats in all versions. The middle seat in the front row, which was previously talked about and which would make the cabin six-seater, apparently could not be squeezed into the cabin of the smaller pick-up.

Similar to the Tesla Model 3, the dashboard should only be dominated by a large central infotainment screen that will display all important information. At the same time, its diagonal should grow to 18.5 inches, which would make it the largest screen used in a Tesla electric car.

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Doneghan-Ryan also mentions the 48V architecture or bringing the integrated light bar from the concept to the production car. However, it is still necessary to take his new information with a certain distance. Perhaps we won’t have to wait too long for their confirmation or refutation. Production should start this year, probably around summer. However, it will probably not be fully operational until next year.

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