A threatening man took refuge at his home in Bierset this afternoon: negotiations with the police could not succeed

What’s going on in Bierset?“, Patrick asks us at the start of the afternoon via the orange Alert us button. “Large deployment of police, firefighters and intervention forces“, also notes Laetitia. Bernard, a resident, was worried: “I am asked to go to the back of my apartment, because there is danger“, he explains to us.

Information taken from the police, it seems that a man had taken refuge in his home around noon. He threatened to commit suicide,blow it all up” et “commit a massacre“, completes the Liège public prosecutor’s office contacted by us. The special police intervention units were mobilized on the spot. A negotiator was called to try to reason with the man. The police feared that he not be armed.

The negotiator, over the course of the discussion, estimated that a negotiation was not going to succeed, given the profile of the cut off person. The special units therefore had to intervene in the house. The operation went off without a hitch. “The man attempted suicide“, specifies the parquet floor. “He was dislodged, and deprived of his freedom.”

The man, on whom no information is revealed, was alone in the house. He risks criminal prosecution if he is found to be able to answer for his actions.

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