A three-week-old girl beaten to death by her father


A 20-year-old man, accused of killing his three-week-old daughter, recently pleaded not guilty in a Scottish court and was released on bail pending the verdict.

Thomas Haining is the main suspect in the infanticide of his daughter, who died of injuries reported in June 2017, in the family apartment in Inverness (in the north of Scotland).

The girl's name was Mikayla. According to the investigators, she was beaten every day since her birth. His executioner repeatedly beat him on the head and on the rest of his small body.

The defendant's attorney explained at the hearing that he had trouble finding medical experts to prove the innocence of his client.

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Thomas Haining has always denied being responsible for this infanticide. The day after Mikayla's death, he had posted a long message on social networks to pay tribute to him.

At the time of the events, while living with his granddaughter's mother, death was declared accidental before the doctors issued suspicions.

His mother, Shannon Davies, was not suspected. His testimony, whose content has not been revealed by the British authorities, should allow the court to decide on the guilt of the father. The investigation is underway and a trial date is scheduled for February 2019.

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