A ‘tiktoker’ reveals how the omen of a fortune cookie helped him win millions “overnight”


27 sep 2021 12:39 GMT

The woman remembers that she was in one of the most difficult moments of her life, but decided to take a risk because she had nothing else to lose.

An American ‘tiktoker’ revealed to her followers how she became a millionaire “overnight” thanks to the omen she found in a fortune cookie.

The TikTok user @ someonefromthe80s detailed in one of her videos that five years ago had hit bottom, after unexpectedly losing her job and being forced to file for bankruptcy. One day her husband ordered chinese food in an attempt to cheer him up. The order included a fortune cookie, the note of which said it would have “a unusual success in business“.

The ‘tiktoker’ remembers that she had no business experience, but that she had nothing to lose, so she used the 160 dollars she had saved to buy a die-cutting machine. She created an account on the e-commerce platform Etsy, where she claims that two of her craft products were very popular.

Eventually, her husband quit his job and the couple devoted all their efforts and resources to the family business, which is now valued at $ 12 million, highlights.

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