A to Z Heart Disease, the World’s Leading Cause of Death

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Heart disease is the deadliest disease in the world. Heart or cardiovascular disease is still the leading cause of death in the world, resulting in 18.7 million deaths per year, according to the Indonesian Heart Foundation.

In Indonesia, data from the 2018 Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) states that at least 15 out of 1000 individuals in Indonesia suffer from heart or cardiovascular disease.

Naturally, if heart disease is called deadly and dangerous. The reason is, the heart is a vital organ that has a role so that almost all body organs can work properly.

Imagine, when the heart stops suddenly, automatically the organs associated with the heart will also stop working because there is no blood supply to these organs.

Heart disease also varies and does not only attack those aged over 35 years. Not a few, those who are under 35 years old can also experience heart disease, even though physically they look healthy and fit.

What is heart disease?

So far, many people say heart disease is those who have a heart attack. In fact, there are various kinds of heart disease that can be experienced by humans.

A specialist in heart and blood vessel disease, Vito Damay, said that there is not only one heart disease. Heart disease is also not just a problem of blood vessels and heart attacks.

“Heart rhythm problems, heart attacks, and indeed coronary heart disease are the main ones because they are the highest causes of death,” said Vito at the Press Conference of the Indonesian Heart Foundation (YJI) to welcome the 2021 World Heart Day which was held online, Monday (27/9). .

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Congenital heart disease is also classified as a disease in the human core. Usually this disease is experienced by a person from birth.

Those who are at risk for heart disease

Everyone has a risk of developing heart disease. Especially those who never take good care of their bodies.

Those who are young even have a risk of heart disease due to negligence in maintaining their health or even neglecting to do an examination when experiencing some complaints.

According to Vito, most people think of doing a health check after experiencing fatal damage, for example after having a heart attack and almost dying.

In fact, coronary heart disease does not come suddenly. Vito said that this is usually already showing signs but is always ignored by sufferers.

“Often in Indonesia this is not enough aware will be checked for heart disease, like a car if it breaks down, it is brought to a repair shop. Sometimes there is damage from the start, there is little gas left, the brake pads are about to run out,” said Vito.

“When I suddenly broke down I said, ‘How come?’ It’s not that there’s nothing, but you don’t realize it because of the lack awareness,” he continued.

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