A top week on Amazon Prime Video: These movies were added!

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A lot of new movies appeared on Amazon Prime Video. The first day of the month is also a good one on that streaming service! And so we have a pretty long overview this week.

The Death of Stalin (2017)

Based on true events. The Death of Stalin is set in the days after Stalin’s death, as his core team of ministers attempt to gain control of the Soviet Union. Some are fighting for positive change, others have very different plans. Their only agreement? They all want to stay alive.

Elle (2016)

Elle tells the story of the ruthless businesswoman Michèle (Huppert). She is the owner of a successful games company. Michèle comes home one day and there is an unpleasant surprise. An unknown man rapes her, and she decides to get revenge. That quickly turns into a game that can become uncontrollable at any time.

Toni Erdmann (2017)

Winfried is 65 years old and a music teacher. He lives with his dog. Daughter Ines is the opposite: as an ambitious businesswoman, she travels around the world and takes on one project after another, all to climb higher up the career ladder. Father and daughter don’t see each other often, but when Winfried’s dog dies, he visits his daughter unannounced.

Den Skyldige (2018)

A police officer answers a phone call from a woman who appears to have been kidnapped. It is the start of a race against time to save her.

Lucia de B. (2014)

Lucia de Berk was convicted of murdering seven babies and older people. Later, this conviction turned out to be absolutely wrong and was released. The case is known as one of the largest judicial errors in the Netherlands. The film tells the story from the perspective of the young parquet secretary Judith. She doubts the reliability of the evidence that was used to prove De Berk’s guilt, but she still cooperates on the case.

Hunting (2012)

When kindergarten leader Lucas is accused of abuse by five-year-old Klara, his life turns into a nightmare overnight. The news spreads quickly and the inhabitants of the village begin to turn against him. The once-tight-knit local community is falling apart, while Lucas has been targeted.

Hangman (2017)

A distinguished detective and profiler must join forces to catch a serial killer who terrorizes the city through a macabre version of the child’s hangman game.

The Family Slim (2017)

Max Slim is an inventor, but by no means the best. There is something wrong with everything he inventes. But when the rest of his brilliant family members attend an annual inventor’s event, Max is the only one who can help.

The 100-year-old man who came out of the window and disappeared (2013)

100-year-old Allan Karlsson does not think it is too late to start his life again. He escapes from his home, takes a suitcase at the bus station that turns out to contain millions of crowns, befriends some eccentric figures along the way, and in passing murders his criminal pursuers. The police try to make a case against him, but it turns out that nothing can be proven

Code M (2015)

In Code M, the girl Isabel discovers an ancient letter in her grandfather’s car. This seems to lead to the sword of D’Artagnan, the famous musketeer of a previous King from France. To pay off Grandpa Ber’s debts, Isabel’s mother wants to sell his house and things to the greedy art dealer Sjef. Isabel decides to take action and goes looking for the musketeer sword together with her nephew Rik and new friend Jules.

Asterix & Obelix with the British (2012)

Julius Caesar has landed in Great Britain. Despite a brave battle, the British have no chance against his infamous Roman army. The Queen of England sends her highest-ranking officer Flegmatix to Gaul to ask for help. Meanwhile, Asterix & Obelix have very different concerns. They have to make a real man out of Hippix, the tricky nephew of the Boss Heroix. When Flegmatix presents the problems in Great Britain to the Gauls, they give him a cauldron with their famous potion. He returns to England with Asterix, Obelix and Hippix. In Londonium Hippix immediately falls in love with Ophelia, the beautiful fiancée of Flegmatix and Obelix falls head over heels for her governess. Entirely distracted from their mission, our heroes lose the precious potion and Hippix is ​​captured. Can Asterix & Obelix still save the UK without their precious potion?

Love Is All You Need (2012)

Set in Italy, this film revolves around a group of people looking for love, passion and happiness. Central is the courage to change your life, even when you think it is too late.

Revenge (2017)

Jen is in a villa in the desert with her rich boyfriend Richard. She is looking forward to a weekend full of romantic activities. However, things get completely out of hand when Richard’s friends show up. They display very inappropriate behavior and this leads to Jen’s brutal rape. The men try to get rid of their problem, but underestimate the resilience of the relentless Jen.

Rendez-Vous (2015)

Simone is tired and changes course. She inherits a dilapidated country house in France and leaves to go there with her husband Eric and their two children to make a chambre d’hôtes. While the hectic pace of the renovation is increasing, Simone flees into an exciting affair with one of the French construction workers, the attractive Michel. Eric is now completely absorbed in the construction plans of contractor Peter, but not everything in that beautiful France is what it seems … The French dream turns into an outright nightmare.

Thappad (2020)

Thappad is the story of Amrita, whose seemingly perfect life is turned upside down when her husband hits her at a party. Is that enough to stop her whole relationship and everything it stands for?

The Dressmaker (2015)

Tilly Dunnage returns to her native village in the 1940’s to correct her mistakes. She is good looking, intelligent and has a talent for making beautiful dresses. When she arrives, she tries to repair the ties with her eccentric mother, falls in love with the kind-hearted Teddy, and decides to use her sewing machine to provide the female inhabitants with elegance. See the trailer below.

The Duchess (2008)

England, late 18th century. Georgiana has been married to the wealthy and powerful Duke of Devonshire since she was 17. With her dazzling beauty, wit and zest for life, she quickly became very popular with high society. But behind this flamboyant image lies a woman who is neglected by her husband and longs for love. The only man insensitive to her charm, the Duke has more of her best friend Elizabeth Foster and forces her into a love triangle. To compensate for her frustration, the unfortunate Giorgiana leads a busy mundane life. She is notorious for her elegance, extravagance and passion for the game, especially when she starts politics with the Liberal party. Thanks to her charisma and energy, she is the figurehead of the Whigs and is revered by the princes and ministers. She supports Charles Gray, a young delegate to whom she falls madly in love.

Tulipani (2017)

Tulipani is a fairytale tragicomedy about a romantic Zeeland farmer (Gijs Naber) who never wants wet feet again after the flood in 1953 and cycles to the south of Italy. On the outskirts of a small village he miraculously manages to grow tulips and grows into a living legend. Thirty years later, an Italian police inspector (Giancarlo Giannini) tries to find out what actually happened.

Vice (2015)

In Vice, humans can express their wildest, most perverted fantasies on robots. One becomes self-conscious and manages to escape and intends to stop all that.

Blinded by the Light (2019)

Blinded by the Light tells the true story of Javed (Viveik Kalra), a British teenager of Pakistani descent who grew up in the city of Luton in 1987. He writes poetry to escape from the intolerant and inflexible people in his life, including his traditional father. When Javed is introduced to Bruce Springsteen by a classmate, he is completely absorbed in this and he gains the confidence to make his own voice heard.

Gerry (2002)

Two boys, who call each other Gerry, take a hike through the wilderness. If they stray from the main path and then do not know where they are, that does not seem to be a problem at first. Their confidence in ‘that it will be all right’ and dry humor keeps both boys going. In addition, they walk through beautiful areas with even more beautiful views, which has been spectacularly portrayed.When hours turn into days, their strength and confidence to find their way back decrease. Surviving the doubt is growing, ultimately pushing their friendship to the limit …

Bibi & Tina at Falkenstein (2017)

The friends Bibi and Tina are inseparable. But the horse races in Falkenstein Castle are coming and are not just a sporting challenge for the two. Their friendship is also severely tested.

Bibi & Tina (2014)

The friends Bibi and Tina are inseparable. But the horse races in Falkenstein Castle are coming and are not just a sporting challenge for the two. Their friendship is also severely tested.

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