A tornado of mosquitoes. A real nightmare has come true in Russia

Columns mosquitoes passed through the areas Kamchatkaobscuring the sun at times. Rapidly moving clusters insects they wreaked havoc among local residents.

– It was not a pleasant experience because I could barely see the way. I did not dare to open the windows – recalls the driver who immortalized the unusual phenomenon, showing its scale.

Entomologists report that you shouldn’t worry about the situation as it is just that mating phenomenon. Males circle around females to mate, and this is not surprising. They also remind that males do not attack humans.

However, this does not mean that there are few females there. Even if there were much fewer of them, there are still over several hundred thousand bloodthirsty individuals. Internet users do not hesitate to recommend a flamethrower for such cases.

Though the locals are used to seeing this kind swarms, this year they were surprised by their enormous number insects. There are definitely more of them than in previous years.

It is worth mentioning that similar “return“was observed last year in the United States. It is estimated that around 400 different animals were killed then as a result of blood sucking by females. Therefore, we can expect similar losses on Kamchatka.

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