A total of 423 Shaanxi dialect version of the drama “Bai Lu Yuan” has been performed in 73 cities in China for 6 years tour ended successfully

A total of 423 Shaanxi dialect version of the drama “Bai Lu Yuan” has been performed in 73 cities in China for 6 years tour ended successfully

2021-08-30 17:33:35Source: Xi’an News Network

Photographed by reporter Shang Hongtao of the drama “White Deer Plain”

Xi’an News Network News Recently, the Shaanxi People’s Art Theatre of Shaanxi Performing Arts Group (hereinafter referred to as Shaanxi People’s Art) held the Shaanxi dialect version of the drama “Bai Lu Yuan” crew tour summary meeting, which also marked the successful conclusion of the six-year tour of the play. The reporter learned from the Shaanxi Performing Arts Group yesterday that in the past six years, Shaanxi Renyi has brought a total of 423 Shaanxi dialect version of the drama “Bai Lu Yuan” to the north and south, impressing audiences across the country with Shaanxi stories that carry Shaanxi flavor and Shaanxi sentiment.

Since the publication of the famous Shaanxi writer Chen Zhongshi’s novel “Bai Lu Yuan”, it has been put on the screen and stage many times. In January 2016, the Shaanxi dialect version of the drama “Bai Lu Yuan” debuted at the “First Shaanxi Modern Art Festival”, and soon set off a stage “tornado” in the performance market, which also caused great repercussions in the critics——and The previous version of the drama is different. This version of “Bai Lu Yuan”, rehearsed by Shaanxi People’s Art, is all performed by local actors in Shaanxi, and the lines spoken are also in the Shaanxi dialect. In Qinqiang, Laoqiang and other local operas interspersed with dramas, the real reproduction of ancestral halls, large brick houses, cave dwellings and other scenes, coupled with the emotional interpretation of the actors, makes the audience seem to have experienced more than half of the Bailu family with the characters in the play. The joys and sorrows of the century. Both the story and the emotion are vividly displayed in this drama “White Deer Plain”.

In the same year of the first performance, he was invited to Jinjing to participate in the “2016 New Year Performance Season” of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, the “National Original Drama Invitation Exhibition” and the “Third Cao Yu International Theatre Festival” held in Tianjin. , Shaanxi Renyi officially launched a national tour of the dialect version of the drama “White Deer Plain”, and officially opened the national tour of Xi’an as the first performance. In 2017, Shaanxi People’s Arts explored a new model of “one drama, two performances”. One team opened a resident performance at the Xi’an People’s Theater, creating a national drama resident performance, and another team conducted a commercial tour across the country. This move not only created a new historical height in the Shaanxi drama performance market and even the stage art in Shaanxi in recent years. It has also created a new situation in the drama market where both business and art are win-win.

The reporter learned that in the past six years, the Shaanxi dialect version of the drama “Bai Lu Yuan” has a total of 100 cast members from the three generations, serving more than 600,000 audiences in 73 cities and 93 theaters across the country. The fine works of contemporary novels are put on the national drama stage, showing the most authentic Bailuyuan style with its deep thoughts, superb art, and sophisticated productions. It is loyal to the original structure to the greatest extent, presents the soul of the original, and interprets this literary masterpiece. Incisively and vividly, not only was it hailed as “the new pinnacle of Chinese drama” by the official media and audiences from all over the world, it has also become a new brand symbol of Shaanxi culture, giving Shaanxi drama a classic drama from the bottom of the box.

The relevant person in charge of Shaanxi Renyi said that through the 6-year tour, Shaanxi Renyi continued to explore the laws of the market. While inheriting the art of drama, it has cultivated and absorbed excellent management and artistic creation talents for the theater, and told Shaanxi dialects and Shaanxi stories. I went to all parts of the country, and at the same time carried the banner of the “Shaanxi Drama” full of responsibility and mission, and never forgot the people-centered creative orientation and the original intention of serving the people with art, and achieved both economic and social benefits. “The 6-year national tour of “Bai Lu Yuan” came to a successful conclusion. It is both the end point and a new starting point. While summing up the past achievements, Shaanxi Human Art will also face new challenges in the future and will unswervingly deepen reforms and operate in the theater. Continue to actively explore in management, artistic creation, and industrial development.” Sun Huan, journalist of Xi’an Newspaper


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