A total of 600 patients with diabetes from Lagunillas received medications during the month of July

About 600 patients with diabetes in the municipality of Lagunillas, Zulia state, received medications during the month of July thanks to the program Diabetes Club that integrates the Bolivarian Shield III plan, Safe Health 2020 to assist the vulnerable population in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“There are more than a thousand patients attended since this club was founded on May 22, 2019. It should be noted that in July there was a significant increase in the number of patients, reaching 600 insulin-dependent people who received free treatment and where they invested more than 1,200 million bolivars ”, he indicated Jefferson Oliveros, municipal coordinator of the program.

Oliveros said that patients receive monthly insulin NPH, Lantus, 70/30, Cristalina, Novorapid, as well as glucometers, strips and lancets to measure capillary glycemia. “Similarly, we help patients channel oral medications and social aids, in terms of food, wheelchairs, canes and walkers,” he specified according to a press release from the Mayor’s Office.

The Diabetes Club serves beneficiaries through the Hugo Chávez Popular Clinic, Urban Ambulatory III Union, Amb. Urb. II Las Morochas, Paraíso, Campo Lara, Libertad, CDI (Comprehensive Diagnosis Center) El Danto, CDI Nueva Venezuela, CDI Tamare.

Due to the pandemic, consultations are suspended, but we continue to work receiving medical reports indicating the type of insulin and amount required and a copy of the identity card, to process the delivery of the free treatment to those insulin-dependent patients. / CP



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