A total solar eclipse will occur after the five planets are aligned on June 24, 2022, when and where to see it

KILASCIMAHI – Solar eclipse total will happen after phenomenon rare five parallel planets on 24th of June 2022.

When did it happen solar eclipse total? Can it be seen in Indonesia?

Solar eclipse total to be one phenomenon rare after five parallel planets on 24th of June 2022.

Quoted from itb.ac.id, solar eclipse is phenomenon which occurs when the position of the moon is in line with the earth and the sun so that it obscures the earth’s view of the sun total or in part.

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Different from phenomenon the five planets are in line or parallel, the position of the moon parallel to the sun has the effect that there will be no sunlight to the earth, resulting in darkness.

Process solar eclipse takes place gradually. As the moon moves to cover the sun little by little, the last rays of the sun will be seen passing through the valleys on the moon until it is finally completely covered in phase. total.

Then, it will leave the rays of the sun’s corona that sticks out from the edge of the moon. This phenomenon is also known as the solar ring.

Then, before long, the moon will shift until the sun appears whole again.

In addition to impacting darkness on earth, solar eclipse it will also cool the earth’s atmosphere, the temperature will decrease, the humidity will increase, and the wind speed will change.

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