A trailer for the Harry Potter game based on Pokemon Go. Reedus has been released


"Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" will soon appear on iOS and Android devices. Although the game does not yet have an exact release date, in some countries it has already begun to be released as a beta version, and now the developers of Warner Bros. and Niantic (the studio that made Pokemon Go) shared a new trailer of live action.

Strange phenomena have begun to occur around the world, threatening to expose the existence of a magical world. As part of the group that protects the Statute of Secrecy, players must contain these magic traces before they are discovered.

As with the aforementioned "Pokemon Go", you have to explore the real world to find these magical objects and creatures. Each of them is captured by narrowing the magic, and first you need to disperse it, playing the appropriate spell before you can postpone the find in the magical world.

Unlike Pokemon Go, Wizards Unite pays more attention to RPG elements. You can prepare potions using various harvested ingredients, play with long skill trees and change professions. The game has also dubbed characters that reveal tips and details of the plot.

The Wizards Unite beta is already available in Australia and New Zealand. If you want to try it yourself, the pre-registration is already open on Google Play.

In addition, the company The Pokemon Company has suddenly announced a new mobile game called "Pokemon Rumble Rush", which is a mobile entry in the "Pokemon Rumble" series. Previously it was announced in 2017 with a different name – "Pokeland" – before disappearing from view. Mobile gaming is now available for download on Android in Australia; The version and world version for iOS are listed on the official website of the game as "soon".


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