A tram passed over the Pomeranian bridges. The project manager stood on his head. Why? [ZDJĘCIA]

Today, January 25, a technical ride of the tram took place at Mosty Pomorskie. After a successful attempt, project manager Wojciech Kaim stood on his head. Literally. “If I had stood up normally, no one would have noticed,” he said.

The passage of the tram over Mosty Pomorskie is of great technical importance. – Traffic Supervision checks how the tram behaves directly in city traffic – explains Bartosz Nowak from Wrocławskie Inwestycje. – It is primarily about ground traction, whether the pantograph is in the axis of the rails. But it is also a test of tracks or curbs. You literally have to adapt the trams to the new surroundings.

The historic crossing remained untouched. It has regained its former glory, though modern functions have been included in its cross-section.

– We added new functions to the cross-section of the bridges, using construction technology. It must be remembered that there has never been a stop in this place, which has now been built at Bulwary Książęce. It is a Viennese, elevated stop that fits into today’s urban space – describes Bartosz Nowak.

If you want to know more about the bridges themselves, read:

It should be recalled that one pipes disfiguring the structure have disappeared from the bridgeswhich were led under the bottom of the Odra River. Sandstones, including gargoyles and turrets, have also been renovated.

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