A transformation center collapses in Seville due to marijuana plantations and illegal connections

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A transformation center located in the Murillo neighborhood in Polígono Sur suffered an overload at dawn on August 19 due to illegal and fraudulent connections to the network. As Endesa explained in a statement, the area has 10 times more power than contracted“especially for marijuana plantations”.

The center had two transformers 1,000 KVA of power eachthe company points out, and one of them burned down “due to the conditions endured by this facility.”

Despite only having 105 customers with a valid contract, the transformer it had the capacity “to supply more than 1,200 customers by itself”, the company continues. “That is to say, it had ten times more power than the contracted one”, the firm states, which points directly to “the overload derived from illegal couplings” as the cause of the deterioration of the installation.

In fact, the company also highlights that the center was “renovated and reinforced” just two years ago, in mid-2021, when its power was expanded “despite not having registered an increase in clients with a current contract.” The idea was to “try to alleviate the problems that were occurring in the area” due to these hook-ups.

After the overload, the company’s technicians managed to normalize the service at 06:00 on Sunday, after replacing the affected transformer. The operations were carried out in coordination with the Fire Department, since the area had reached temperatures above 60 degrees.

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