A unique asteroid with its own moon is approaching the Earth.


A unique asteroid with its own moon is approaching the Earth.

A single 1999 KW4 asteroid is approaching the Earth. On Sunday, the celestial body will approach our planet at a distance of 5.18 million kilometers, approximately 13.5 from the Earth to the Moon. This is close enough, as these bodies usually travel over 30 million kilometers.

The 1999 KW4 asteroid was discovered on May 29, 1998. It rotates around the Sun with a period of half of the Earth's year in an elliptical orbit. The distance from it to the Earth varies constantly. The celestial body belongs to the class of potentially dangerous objects.

The uniqueness of the KW4 1999 asteroid is that it has its own satellite. Therefore, it is technically referred to as a binary system.

In form, the KW4 asteroid of 1999 resembles a top – slightly flattened at the poles and with a ridge around the equator along its entire length. This spatial object is considered large – the width of the asteroid is 1.32 kilometers. Its moon is about three times smaller.

Notice that the cosmic body will be in the amateur telescope. 1999 KW4 will be in sight until May 27th. The next time an asteroid passes so close to Earth only in 2036.


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