A US congresswoman is expelled from a theater for vaping, disturbing attendees and engaging in sexual touching

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The Republican congresswoman from Colorado Lauren Boebert It is in the eye of the hurricane in the US. The broadcast of a video in which she is expelled from a theater for her behavior has forced the politician to apologize for being “too animated.”

In the video, recorded by the security of the Denver Buell Theater During the performance of the play ‘Beetlejuice’, the congresswoman is seen vaping and taking photos while other attendees recriminate her and ask her to stop disturbing.

As reported by the venue, during the break in the work the woman and her companion were asked to desist from their attitude but far from it, things got worse. After the show resumes, the congresswoman lets her partner caress the breasts while she puts her hand in his crotch in a clear sexual attitude. After a while, security had to expel them from the theater.

After the video came to light, Boebert had to apologize in a statement, in which she expressed that she was “too animated” and that her attitude did not correspond to her “values.” Furthermore, she attributed her behavior to divorce process what you are going through.

“There is no perfect plan for getting through a difficult, public divorce, which over the past few months has been a challenging personal time for me and my entire family. I have tried to handle it as hard and as best as I can, but it just fell short. my values ​​on Sunday,” he apologized.

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